Igo Token Pre-sale
Titan Holders
Please connect your wallet to continue.
Special IGO Public Round for Titan NFT holders only.
Vesting: 25% TGE, 1 month cliff, then linear vest over 3 months.
(1 month vest lesser compared to Launchpads Vesting Terms)
-Total Allocation-
Total Allocation
-Listing Price-
$0.12 per ANIM
-Mint Date-
29th Jan 2024
Chain: ethereum
Key Features
Permanent Closed Beta Access
permanent Closed Beta Access
This key feature allows players to experience Animalia before its official release. By gaining early access, you can explore the game and provide valuable feedback to improve its quality. Get your Tundra Collection and gain exclusive access to the game today!
Playable Digital Asset
Playable Digital Asset
Playable Digital Asset
Are you tired of collecting NFTs without any real use for them? The Tundra Collection enables you to play your NFTs in our thrilling new game, providing a unique and immersive gaming experience.
Tundra Edition Card Back
Tundra Edition Card Back
Tundra Edition
Card Back
Embrace the chill and own the Tundra Collection, complete with a frosty card back that will give your opponents the shivers!
Stamina Booster
Stamina Booster
Tactical Stamina
This is a unique feature that allows players to extend their gameplay in Animalia. Through the Tundra Collection, you can increase your gameplay time and gain an edge over other players.
Hodler Freeze to Win
Holder Freeze to Win
Freeze To Win
HODL your Tundra NFT for a chance to win another Tundra NFT and complete your collection! Simply hold onto your Tundra NFT in your wallet and you could be the lucky winner of another valuable and unique Tundra NFT!
Dynamic NFT
Dynamic NFT
Dynamic NFT
Not your average static card - here's a one-of-a-kind digital asset that grows and evolves with your gameplay. Your NFT reflects your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) for the season, producing a dynamic NFT that showcases your in-game progress and accomplishments.
-FIght for the north-