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Animalia is an independent free-to-play online NFT trading card game featuring crypto inspired meme creatures and gemstones. Powered by the ETH & BNB chain, Animalia gives you complete ownership over your in-game collectibles. Collect rare cards, create your own NFTs, build your deck, battle with other players and sell cards to other traders. Let the battles begin!

Meme Critters

Do it for the meme! If there ever was a reason to root for a cause, it ought to be the memes. Animalia is home to 108.7 million species, all of whom come with hilarious pop culture backstories, or the grim knowledge of their endangered real world counterparts. Can’t tell which is which? Immerse yourself into the story of our young protagonist Shib, as he ventures across Animalia, facing trials, tribulations, and possibly extinction along the way.

Spells & Weapons

Here on Animalia, magic is as real as these spells and weapons! Laugh as your critters gank an enemy, and learn as you go. Hot Wallets? Pepe? Death Cross?! Expand your worldview on crypto and memes with the countless hidden Easter eggs. Prepare well and be sure to strategise early,for you never know what tricks your opponents have up their sleeve.

bull & bear

What do you get when the Titans Bull and Bear go head to head in a battle of the ages? A Titanic clash. Pick your Titan and place your bets, for there are many others in the opposing faction. Only the laws of the jungle apply here, what goes up must always come down. The 8 Titans are the last living testaments of a bygone era, may the strongest emerge victorious!

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